Polish Special – a brand inspired by the Polish heritage

Polish Special – a brand that was born in 2018, on the centenary of Poland regaining independence. It was inspired by Poland and Polish culture as well as fascination with the richness of Polish heritage. We pursue to find the fresh approach to the Polish heritage, rethink it outside the box. We create luxury home accessories – designer throw pillows, cushions, that will add chic and warmth into your home interior. Our goal is to draw all the best from polish visual culture and deliver to You the unique, luxurious pieces made of the finest, natural materials like silk, linen, and cotton.

Our basic principle is uncompromising quality. All throw pillows, decorative pillowcases and silk pocket squares are crafted in short series, from the highest quality natural materials. Each pillow and pocket square is hand-numbered. All of them are made by hand according to the highest craftsmanship standards.

Throw Pillows and decorative Pillow cases

Polish Special throw pillows

Our unique, elegant and luxurious throw pillows are made of the best natural materials such as silk, linen, velvet and cotton. Our pillows will bring style and warmth into any interior. All Polish Special decorative pillows are small works of art. Each of them is part of a limited collection inspired by the works of Polish artists. Throw pillows are decorated by unique patterns inspired by Wyspiański’s polychrome, Ruszczyc’s paintings, and even Drzewiecki’s technical sketches.

Our decorative pillows combine the beauty of silk, velvet and raw linen textures with a unique design. They are dedicated to art connoisseurs who like to be surrounded by luxury and elegance.

Fashionable and stylish silk pocket squares

Polish Special Pocket square

We manually sew fashionable and stylish pocket squares for men (and not only). Unique patterns taken from the Polish national heritage. Original motifs applied to luxurious silk. It’s true elegance in your pocket. Our pocket squares will be a great addition to wedding, evening or casual styling.